Commercial law – Company law

Our services in the field of commercial and company law are mainly provided to physical persons and legal entities doing business in Greece. Starting the business activity, setting up a company and designing the legal framework of the business, including corporate governance and facing taxation issues, are the issues that have to be addressed in an efficient way. Mergers and acquisitions are an additional tenet.

Nowadays companies are transferring their seat or setting up branches abroad. Our firm has the relevant experience and trustworthy partners in other States. This enables us to assist these companies and deal with any issues that may arise regarding Greek or foreign authorities.

Besides we are experienced in matters of import and export as well as issues of e-commerce and online transactions. Issues related to competition have drawn our attention in a wide range of cases. A legal opinion of ours has been reckoned with by the Court of Appeals of Athens in a complex case encompassing tenets of European Law.

Publications related to commercial law-company law:

  • International Jurisdiction and Applicable Law Issues in Distribution Agreements (in Greek), Dikaion Etairion kai Epichireiseon (=Business and Company Law) 2004.857-870.