Criminal law

Our firm’s activity in criminal law is selective and covers a rather wide range of cases. We are mainly dealing with criminal cases arising out in conjunction with economic and business activity (for instance, crimes against property or estate, tax fraud) or criminal cases committed within the framework of public institutions (for instance crimes committed by public servants) or business activities (for instance, infringement on intellectual property or special cases of manslaughter from negligence). Very often these cases are intertwined with cases concerning the adjudication of a compensation. In such an event, we undertake the coordination and fulfillment of the legal steps in both criminal and civil proceedings.

Publications related to criminal law:

  • The Foreign Law in Criminal Proceedings (in Greek), Thessaloniki 1999
  • 9+1 thoughts on the European Arrest Warrant (in Greek), Poiniki Dikaiosini (=Criminal Justice) 2006.203-209