Property law

We provide our services to Greeks or foreigners who wish to sell or buy real estate in Greece. Our law firm provides a wide range of services, from finding the property and conducting a research in the relevant Land Registries and Cadastral Agencies to the signature of the necessary notarial deed and the transcription in the land records. Problems may arise especially in cases of foreigners or expatriates who wish to buy their property in Greece or take otherwise advantage thereof.

We are familiar with these difficult issues, as well as with tax issues related to ownership. In addition, we provide our services in cases where ownership is offended, i.e. in cases of eviction or of withholding of ownership, by lodging a vindicatory action etc. Moreover, we are experienced in preparing actions for distribution of joint ownership.

Publications related to property law:

  • Case Law Development in Matters of the Protection of Property according to Art. 1 of the First Additional Protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights (in Greek), Chronika Idiotikou Dikaiou (=Chronicles of Private Law) 2002.201-209.